Oliver Solomon

“I can say without hesitation Claire's class has had a more profound effect on me than any photography course I have ever taken. What was 'acceptable' before, is now no longer remotely interesting. I left inspired and confident that my work has changed forever.”


“I didn't want to leave when it was over. Each participant walked out of there producing their best work ever. I ended up with shots that will sit at the head of my portfolio. We all created our concept, cast models, collaborated with hair/makeup and came out with our own stuff... Unlike similar demonstrations where you shoot from a prefab setup. Worth EVERY penny”

Leslie Milton

“Claire’s classes are fun, inspiring and filled with student camaraderie. She brings a wonderful energy that is very motivating. Not only is she up on the latest happenings in the photography world, she also brings a good sense of photographic history. Her class was fabulous and I was inspired to levels I never thought I could reach.”

Pavel Nazartsev

"I took two classes, taught by Claire, focused on portraiture. I found both classes to extremely useful. Claire provided a very practical and balanced blend of necessary concepts, artistic vision, and some "paint by numbers" tools to educate the class composed from people of different experience levels. I found her focus on telling a story through photography especially important in moving, at least me, from taking snapshots to taking photographs. I said it to her in person and I am saying it again - she changed the way I view photography. On a separate note, I find Claire to combine a rare blend of artistic nature, hard work, and business acumen to be an exceptional and successful artist."

Chris Carroll

“Working with Claire has completely changed my experience of photography and helped me reach heights I didn't know were possible. If you are looking to move things ahead for yourself then take her classes. They are amazing and you will have a blast. In my humble opinion.”

Trine Lise Nilsen

"I attended Claire Rosen's, Portrait retouching with Photoshop, workshop in Oslo. Beauty and portrait retouching became much more interesting after that. Claire showed a great insight in the Photoshop as a tool to enhance natural beauty. She showed an amazing ethical concern about retouching people, which I have carried with me from that workshop. This workshop also gave me an opener for my photographic journey. I will recommend Claire as a mentor and teacher to all."

Jonathan Levinson

"I took Claire's marketing class at the 2013 Foundry photojournalism workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I use her insights into the creative process to structure and guide every assignment and project I work on and her branding and marketing expertise influence all aspects of my business. Claire is a world class artist, first rate businesswoman, and unparalleled teacher."