Course Descriptions

IMAGINARIUM: The Process behind the Pictures

This advanced workshop covers the elements involved in creating conceptual thematic imagery from idea generation through execution. It is ideal for photographers who are comfortable with the technical aspects of their equipment and are looking to create staged narrative images taking their photography to the next level.

Students focus on brainstorming, concept development, and thinking outside the box when approaching visual storytelling. The course walks through step by step how to make your picture concept a reality through mood boards, production sheets, pre-production and scheduling; with lectures on how to source locations, props, and lighting theory; how to cast and work with subjects, as well as problem – solving, communication, and working efficiently on set or on location.

(formerly From Idea to Image and The Constructed Image)



Photographers spend most of their time in the pursuit of the image, yet very few know how to present and promote themselves to get the support they need. Getting your name out there amidst the thousands of other photographers working today can be an overwhelming task, even for established photographers. This lecture-based workshop on marketing provides an easy common sense and personal approach to finding your market and uniquely presenting your work; covering everything from personal vision and artist branding, establishing goals, promotional support materials, utilizing technology and social media, finding your clients and how to approach them effectively. Students will complete handouts and exercises to apply these theories personally to their own work in the class. Whether looking for representation, editorial or commercial assignments, book publishing, funding for special projects or gallery shows this workshop looks at the bigger picture and will help you to develop a sustainable strategy to have your work noticed.